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    Personal data administrator is SERVICE TECHNICAL Sp. z o. o. with headquarters in Wroclaw, more info here.

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    Apply for a selected position or leave us your resume – and we will find a job for you! We are a company that acts as an intermediate in finding work not only in Poland but also abroad.  We offer both temporary employment as well as permanent, we cooperate with employers from various industries.

    Service Technical is a company that cares for its employees. The remuneration is always paid on time and the HR department can help with all formalities.

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    People are the most important business value for Service Technical. We will take care that you find a workplace where you will not only feel fulfilled but also feel good and comfortable and your work will be appreciated by the employer.

    If you want to find a new job, but you don’t know how to choose the best offer – use our help! The perfect job is within your reach.

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