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Service Technical employment agency handles a comprehensive employment service. We will help you to find the best and the most experienced specialists who will support your company and bring it at the top of a specific industry.


Our offer

If you look for a professional who will help to develop your company – you are in the right place!
If you look for a job which will allow you self-fulfilment – you couldn’t have found a better place!

Remember that your potential defines the work and not the other way round.  Check what are you going to find in our offer.

Temporary employment

This is the temporary employment that will give you a chance of fulfilment, gaining experience and developing your own skills. Temporary employment is one of the most flexible forms of employment. Employees are recruited in accordance with the demand. Then, they are employed on the basis of the Act on Temporary Employment and delegated to work in a specific client’s company.

Process outsourcing

Its range covers more and more functions within a company. Outsourcing of processes is a popular management tool and a solution-based, first of all, on taking responsibility for processes or functions outside the basis activity of our clients. The companies choose this solution, the task of which is not only to reduce costs but also to deliver new resources and competence, becoming the source of innovation that modernise the operation of the entire organisation.

Outsourcing of employees

Properly qualified employees are the basis of the proper functioning of every company. However, it should be remembered that their direct employment will be connected with large expenses and also with time investment in recruitment processes. That’s why, many people decide to choose outsourcing of employees thanks to which one can lower the costs and effectively manage the company. Employees outsourcing, i.e. rental of employees doesn’t concern the employee himself but also the work performed by him.

IT Outsourcing

The functioning of modern companies is usually based on the usage of relevant software and computers. IT outsourcing is about using perfectly prepared specialists who focuses mainly on notions connected with IT, i.e. information technology. IT outsourcing will allow lowering the costs of IT maintenance. Thanks to that, you will be able to focus on your business and on increasing the effectiveness of your company. Choosing the outsourcing of IT service will bring many benefits, including the reduction on obligations related with the need to employ experienced employees.

Recruitment of specialists and managers

By deciding to use the services of Service Technical, you can be certain that we acquire the best candidates, characterised by the desired experience and skills, for our clients. Recruitment of specialists and managerial staff is a rarefied art. Our task is to build a balance between the interests of your company and the expectations of the future leader who will certainly positively benefit your company.


It is a program of monitored redundancies, combining all activities targeted at reducing the negative outcomes of downsizing. It is obvious that rapid changes on the employment market require from us flexibility in the volume of employment. Thanks to outplacement, we are able to support the client in the implementation of safe process of collective redundancies, maintaining at the same time the best possible image among employees. We have to be aware that the wrong conduct of collective redundancies may bring costly and time-consuming consequences. The process of collective redundancies is an extremely complicated procedure, thus allowing us to help you avoid possible lawsuits and as well as financial compensation.

HR consultancy

We are a company that can support you in HR activities, thus leading to the optimization of expenses and gaining credibility in the eyes of the client.
Remember that HR solutions – existing in companies are not always effective and efficient enough. As part of HR consulting, our task is to support organisations in the development of employees and processes by providing the solutions that will be adapted to specific needs.